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NEW TZtouch3 19" Multi Function Display Unit with built in 1kW dual freq Chirp sounder

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New For 2020, NavNet TZtouch3 is now offered with three display options - 12” Hybrid, 16” and 19”.

This lightning-fast 19” Multi Function Display features a sleek edge-to-edge glass display that delivers ultra-clear images from any angle. This MFD will not only make your helm functional but will also add style and ergonomics.


  • More powerful quad-core processor for lightning-fast response
  • Built-in Dual Channel 1 kW TruEcho CHIRP™ & CW Fish Finder, low, medium & high Frequencies.
  • New Pin code access on start up
  • Interface with an extensive range of sensors including new Doppler Radar models, DFF3D Multi beam, Autopilot and new Compass SCX-20
  • 4 Way Screen Split allows for further customisation


Never lose waypoints, routes or settings again with TZ Cloud

NavNet TZtouch3 keeps data secure and easy-to-access on multiple platforms with the TZ Cloud system. TZ Cloud service allows you to back up and store your waypoints, routes, and event marks to the TimeZero cloud server, as well as synchronise and edit them on your MFDs, TimeZero PC software, and the TZ iBoat app for iPad. Use the new TZ First Mate app to drop an event mark with each big catch and include the species, length & weight, and even take a picture with your phone, then access the information anywhere.


Fishing Technology


    The internal 1 kW TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder inside NavNet TZtouch3 is designed to operate across a wide range of frequencies utilising a broadband transducer and delivers significant advantages to signal clarity & target definition. Due to the constant sweeping of frequencies, it is capable of gathering more & higher quality data than traditional Fish Finders.

    Built-in Dual Channel 1kW TruEcho CHIRP & CW Fish Finder


      NavNet TZtouch3 incorporates a powerful internal 1 kW TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder. For many, this is the perfect Fish Finder, but for some, they need more power. So, introducing Deep Impact (DI-FFAMP), a high-powered 2/3 kW amplifier. 

      Deep Impact boosts your power to a 2/3 kW CHIRP Fish Finder. High-powered TruEcho CHIRP™ ensures that your echoes come back strong & clear at every depth range, displaying fish targets and bottom structure with amazing clarity.

      Screenshot using Optional  DEEP IMPACT (DI-FFAMP) amplifier.

      Heaving compensation

      Heaving correction is available in combination with a Satellite Compass such as SCX-20 or SC-33.

      When switched on Heaving compensation automatically removes vessel motion from the Fish Finder screen in rough seas. This is usually seen as a "Saw Tooth" distortion of the bottom image, due to vertical vessel motion even though the bottom is actually flat. It greatly enhances bottom fishing and bottom trend analysis without sacrificing critical details as can occur when using a traditional Bottom Lock Echo Sounder Mode. Only a compatible satellite compass can provide vertical vessel motion information to remove this distortion.

      Bottom DISCRIMINATION display*

      Bottom Discrimination provides detailed information about knowing the make-up of the seabed & categorising it into four different categories: Rocks, Gravel, Sand, and Mud. The make-up of the seabed can be tremendously helpful information when looking for fishing grounds, as well as for finding suitable anchorage. 
      *Feature works with certain transducers. Not compatible with CHIRP, check to ensure your transducer is compatible.

      ACCU-FISH™ fish size analyzer*

      The ACCU-FISH™ algorithm analyzes echo returns in order to compute individual fish size. The algorithm is capable of calculating fish size ranging from 10 cm up to 199 cm long. Fish depth can also be displayed.

      More power to see 120˚PORT-STARBOARD and in 3D

      Connect an optional DFF3D Multi Beam sonar for the ultimate fishing machine!

      The DFF-3D Multi Beam Sonar operates at 165 kHz, giving you fantastic depth penetration while still displaying echoes in high-resolution. Compared to a 40˚ ultra-wide transducer, you will see 3-times the area around your boat, helping you to find fish you might have otherwise missed. Plus, you can see which side of the boat they are on!



      Furuno has releases a huge array of new sensors to complement the Navnet system for 2020 including the industry Class leading radars.

      Furuno’s new solid state power-packed 100 and 200-Watt NXT Solid-State Doppler Radars deliver the highest-powered solid state radars available, combined with industry leading SNR (signal to noise ratio) circuitry, no competition gets close to Furuno’s radar performance. Functions such as Fast Target Tracking of up to 100 ARPA targets, Bird Mode, Rain Mode, and Target Analyzer, where dangerous Radar targets are shown in red, alert navigators to the current situation at-a-glance. Furuno's selection of Dome and Open Array Radars in both magnetron and Solid-State configurations ensures that there is a Radar to meet the needs of every vessel.

      Additionally this is backed up by a Pair of new Satellite compasses SCX20 and SCX21 which use 4 GLONASS, GPS antennas for accurate 10Hz position, Heading and stabilization, including heave compensation for Furuno sounders and sonars. 

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      • Display Type: (IPS) LCD
      • Screen Size: 18.5"
      • Screen resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080
      • Memory Capacity: 30,000 user points, 30,000 points for ship's tracks, 200 planned routes (500 points per route) 
      • Data Type: NMEA2000 (1 port), NMEA0183 (1 Serial output port)
      • LAN: 2 Ports (100 BASE-TX) 
      • USB: 1 Port (USB2.0) for touch monitor and control unit: 1 Port USB 
      • Video I/O: Input: 2 ports (NTSC/PAL) and 1 port HDMI 1920 x 1080p or less (progressive only)
        Output: 1 port(HDMI 1080p) 
      • Power: 12-24 VDC

      See brochure for full list of specifications




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