Whether they’re amateur fishos chasing marlin in little tinnies, softbaiting for snapper inshore, or charter or commercial fishermen heading deep in search of bluenose, puka and bass, you’ll find there’s one common theme: they all use FURUNO.

Incredible Catches by Incredible People

Right around New Zealand, you’ll find the people who are consistently catching fish count on FURUNO. Meet the fishos who are Team FURUNO!

Matt Watson

Known by several aliases including 'The Extreme Fisherman', 'The Fishing Guy', 'The ITM Fella' and "that mad bastard!" Matt Watson is a passionate fisherman, father and a proud Kiwi.  He's best known for revolutionizing fishing television here and around the world as well as being highly recognized for his commitment to conservation and charity work. Matt's latest Stabicraft comes kitted out with WASSP, TZTouch 3 & NAVpilot300 plus more.

Please visit our video page to see Matt's Electronics Review.

Tony Carpenter

Tony charters year-round in New Zealand. He relies on FURUNO to track down kingfish and hapuka out of Tairua on a daily basis. Now he lives the dream, travelling the globe setting world records on top game boats in exotic locations like Costa Rica or crewing the Black Marlin season in Cairns. When he returns home, the first thing he does is hook up his 5m Stabi and heads off to hunt bass, bluenose, marlin, swords and puka using his trusty FCV587 FURUNO Fish Finder and TM260 transducer. Ask, and he’ll tell you, he reckons the 587 is the ultimate Fish Finder!

Bruce Duncan

Bruce's favourite haunt is the magnificent Hauraki Gulf and few people know this bountiful fishing backyard better! Capt Swish has fished these waters all his life and is in great demand as a lecturer and writer on all there is to know about fishing the Gulf. He rarely takes his allowed limit, believing people should catch only what they need "for today". Equally, he refuses to freeze fish, saying it should be “eaten fresh”. Capt Swish is a big fan of FURUNO and currently runs a FURUNO TZTouch2.

Carl Muir

On any given day you will find Carl chasing fish somewhere on the Eastern Coromandel, whether that is for clients on his charter boat PROVIDER, or catching a feed for friends and family. Carl has used Furuno as a charter skipper for the last 15 years, and swears by it to get the results for his clients day in day out.   

Willis Lutrell

Willis fishes hard with his mates all year-round out of New Plymouth. You’ll find him on his trusty Surtees named Ranger, doing very well on snapper, bluenose and puka.  When it comes to FURUNO, Willis runs a TZ Touch 14 with 1kw transducer. Over summer he chases the bite, heading around the country. Last year’s highlight was when Willis and crew nailed a trophy 132kg Big Eye and Swordfish, both at the Far North’s famous Garden Patch.

Luke Davis

From Hokianga to the Mokes and Aldies, you'll find Luke Davis wherever the action is, doing what he loves: chasing marlin, swords and deep-water dwellers.  Luke caught well over 25 marlin last year, raising over 50, many of those from bait balls marked on his FCV 587 FURUNO Fish Finder with a 1kw transducer.  When he's not out wide you'll find Luke behind the rigging desk at Auckland’s YeeHaa Fishing Tackle store. If you’re in Auckland, pop into YeeHaa on Jellicoe Road, Panmure, and ask him what he thinks of his FURUNO FCV 587 – we’re pretty sure he’ll give it a big thumps-up!

Jed Radaly

Jed's regular stomping ground is the Far North. Whenever there’s a nice weather window you'll find him out on the water chasing swords, bluenose, bass and puka. It’s deep water fishing that ‘floats Jed’s boat’ and that’s why he counts on the high power of his FCV 295 FURUNO Fish Finder with 2kw transducer to get the job done.  Incredibly, Jed’s reading 700m+ and marking fish that deep in sloppy conditions. He also does some crewing on the legendary FURUNO-kitted Cascade and is regularly out testing Jigging Master kit that he imports into NZ.

Team Reel Busy

The McIvers (aka Team Reel Busy) fish hard, chasing marlin, kingfish, hapuka, bass and bluenose out of their custom Extreme 850. You’ll find them anywhere from Waihau Bay to Ranfurly Banks and Mayor. Reel Busy is a serious sport fishing weapon, kitted with two Furuno TZ Touch 14" NAVPilot and Radar. "We've found the TZ Touch super-easy to use and it has delivered the goods time and time again," say Team Reel Busy. We believe them.



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